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DNS service discovery for Prometheus

2023-02-28 Observability
Background story Back when I ran SCOM, in addition of Windows machine monitoring and Event Log aggregation, it was performing a duty of ping testing all the servers in my environment. This was a very useful feature as it allowed me to quickly identify servers that were down or unreachable. The main quirk was that it was only aware of the servers that I manually added and not able to discover things automatically as I didn’t have the right setup to leverage the SNMP based discovery. Continue reading

Veeam Exporter for Prometheus

2023-02-27 Observability
Over the past couple of months I’ve put a considerable amount of time into deployment of a monitoring infrastructure in my home-lab that would replace Splunk and SCOM. In a way, this setup introduced a new level of monitoring which I did not have before, I’ve deeply fallen for metrics and the power of Prometheus and pretty much sunk into the Grafana’s LGTM ecosystem, quickly implementing Tempo and Loki for a full experience. Continue reading